Tingue Dam Bypass Channel and Park

Milone & MacBroom is extremely proud to have been involved with the planning, design, and construction administration of the Paul Pawlak Sr. Bypass Channel and Park at Tingue Dam in Seymour, Connecticut. 

The firm’s team of hydraulic and structural engineers, landscape architects, environmental scientists, and construction administration professionals assisted the Department of Energy & Environmental Protection with this first of its kind fishway bypass channel and urban revitalization park project located along the Naugatuck River in downtown Seymour. The design restores anadromous fish passage and replicates the features of a natural channel, including areas of both swift moving and calm waters, allowing fish to navigate their way upstream. A structurally and hydraulically engineered bypass intake structure allows DEEP staff to monitor and modify the amount and flow of water entering the channel. 

In conjunction with the impressive biological benefits of the project, the completed project reconnects downtown and public to the waterfront and includes handicap accessible walkways to the water edge, observation areas, educational and historical signage, decorative masonry walls, and extensive landscaping.

The park is available for public enjoyment and educates visitors about the importance of the project biologically, as well as the historical nature of the site. The complexity of the design and construction phasing of the project was intensified by many issues including its close proximity to several concrete support piers of the elevated state highway above, preservation of a historic stone masonry dam, significant rock excavation, and water control of the Naugatuck River. In addition, the proposed bypass channel excavation bisected a former mill and industrial site with known soil and potential groundwater contamination. Extremely detailed design drawings and specifications were successfully developed and guided the bidding and construction of the project through to completion.

Several elements included in the design and construction will allow for detailed post-construction documentation and observation of fish actively migrating up the fishway, as well as the physical and hydraulic conditions of the channel. Construction of this $6.3 million was completed in Fall 2014.

The firm provided the following services:

  • Survey & Mapping
  • Civil Engineering/Site Design
  • Water Resources Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Hydraulic Analysis
  • Permitting
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Construction Administration

To learn more about this signficant project, click on the image below. Questions can be directed to the Project Manager Mark R. Arigoni, L.A.


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