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The diversity of our staff and client base allows the firm to serve a number of market sectors. We are proud of the extensive portfolio of experience that we have built, and invite you to learn more about us through the links below.

County & Municipal Government
We believe that our work for local governments, whether municipal or county, is among the most satisfying work we do. Learn more
State & Federal Government
Our engineers are pre-qualified to provide design services to state agencies in states across the eastern seaboard. Learn more
Educational Site Development
Our engineers and landscape architects understand how to incorporate elements into site design that invite students to enjoy the learning experience. Learn more
Commercial Site Development
Commercial development requires an understanding of the unique opportunities and constraints of each site and the optimization of them. Learn more
Health Care Facilities
Milone & MacBroom's engineers understand the importance for good site layout and design in the field of healthcare. Learn more
Residential Development
Milone & MacBroom has been designing residential communities for clients throughout the Northeast for 30 years. Learn more
Athletic Facilities
Our goal is to design athletic facilities that can stand the test of time, creating an enjoyable experience for years to come. Learn more
Milone & MacBroom has designed over 100 miles of bikeways, greenways, and multi-use trails throughout New England and the eastern seaboard. Learn more
Milone & MacBroom approach to river management is both comprehensive and time tested. Learn more
Our current work includes evaluating and designing upgrades to hurricane protection barriers, piers, revetments and jetties. Learn more

Sustainable or 'green' design is a concept that we have strived for since the firm’s inception in 1984. Learn more
Power & Energy
At Milone & MacBroom, we  serve clients in the electric generation, electric transmission, natural gas transmission, and communication industries. Learn more

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