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Chicopee distribution company employing nearly 500 given OK to expand


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CHICOPEE - A distribution company which employs nearly 500 people was given approvals to construct a large addition that will contain a new freezer and cooler area.

The about $9 million project in Willimansett is expected to add at least 22 jobs to the existing 486-person staff at the company.

As part of the plan to add a 37,500 square-foot addition to its main building on 705 Meadow Street, J. Polep owners will also rip up pavement in the front parking lot and plant trees to beautify what is now a huge expanse of asphalt along the road and the building, he said.

The distribution complex, which has been on Meadow Street for more than 30 years, has three buildings. Building 1 will be the one which is expanded, said Michael Gagnon, senior civil engineer for Milone and MacBroom who designed the plans.

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