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Natural Resource Planning & Management

Milone & MacBroom has been at the forefront of natural resource planning through our passion and vision to design and create natural, sustainable, and resilient inland and coastal projects.  Our experienced team of soil scientists, wetland scientists, hydrogeologists, botanists, ecologists, and wildlife biologists are well adept at combining art and science to develop permittable and constructible projects.  We have the largest team of wetland scientists in the State of Connecticut and can service all of New England and New York. As consultants to federal, state, and local government, our natural resource planners and scientists marry the principles of engineering, biology, hydrogeology and earth sciences to develop award-winning project designs.  Staff of this group assist project teams throughout the company in developing designs that are environmentally sensitive and consistent with the current regulatory environment.  


  • Watershed Planning

  • Coastal Resiliency Planning & Design

  • Hazard Mitigation Planning

  • Tidal & Inland Wetland Delineation & Restoration

  • Aquatic System Restoration

  • Invasive Species Management

  • Listed Species Habitat Assessment

  • NEPA/CEPA Environmental Evaluations & Documentation

  • Regulatory Permitting & Compliance

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