House on a hill by the beach

Coastal Resilience

Milone & MacBroom took on its first coastal project in 1985 – shortly after the firm’s inception. Since that time, we have developed a portfolio of coastal experience that includes tide gate design, shoreline erosion protection, and salt marsh restoration. Most recently, as the reality of sea levels rise and its implication for communities becomes apparent, we have prepared planning studies, engineering analyses, and grant applications to assist communities in mitigating the effects of this phenomena.

Our current work assignments include evaluating and designing upgrades to hurricane protection barriers, piers, revetments, and jetties. We are assisting communities in mitigating shoreline erosion through beach nourishment, and the reconstruction of sand dunes, and tidal wetlands. In all of our coastal work, we rely on the expertise we have developed over the last 30 years to deliver creative solutions to complex problems.

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