Inter-Office Education

Through years of experience our employees gain technical and management knowledge that can't be taught in school.  With low employee turnover, we are able to retain the knowledge in-house and pass it on to our newer staff through training programs. 

While much of our learning and knowledge transfer occurs organically through project work, we have developed two formal training programs for our employees.

Lunch & Learn Seminar Series

We offer in-house lunch time presentations and discussions on technical topics throughout the year.  Topics of these sessions vary from product demonstrations to construction site safety to presentations of interesting projects.  These hour-long sessions are informal programs that any staff member can attend.

MMI University

While many of us learn technical elements in our undergraduate degrees, we are not always taught management skills and the nuances that make us good project managers.  Staff gain technical experience and begin to move into project management positions, MMI University offers a training program to fill that gap. 

Attendees are selected from among staff based on their level of experience and a new group is selected every two years. Sessions are then held once each month and are taught by senior project managers, with Managing Directors and Senior Associates taking on topics of specific interest.  Although there are certain topics that are always covered the curriculum is flexible and varies based on requests from attendees. 

Typical topics include: Effective Project Scoping, Preparing Qualifications Statements for Public Work, Accounting Principles, and Developing Effective Project Management Plans.

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