Office Culture

Office Culture

Everyone at Milone & MacBroom is committed to the core principles and values that define our company. We value the strong personal relationships and exceptional work environment that we have created and recognize that the sum of our collective parts will always be greater than our individual strengths and contributions.  We are a team of talented, committed, energetic people who are motivated by challenge, diversity, and team success.

Four elements that we strive for are:


  • We hold ourselves accountable for our words and our actions.
  • We are compassionate, trustworthy, and respectful of ourselves, our peers, and our clients. 
  • We develop and value strong relationships.
  • We balance our work with our personal lives.
  • We recognize that our families are our first priority.


  • We are committed to maintaining high quality staff that exemplify professional integrity, technical competence, and a commitment to excellence. 
  • We take pride and ownership in our work and have a strong work ethic. 
  • We set high standards for ourselves and take personal responsibility for our work and how we represent the firm.

Service to Clients

  • We recognize that we are a service industry where the standard of care and treatment of our clients is of utmost importance. 
  • We view our clients as an extension of our work community and treat them accordingly.

Excellent Work Environment

  • We strive to create a physically pleasing environment where we work collaboratively and energetically in a relaxed atmosphere. 
  • We have a strong sense of community where we help one another to thrive and succeed. 
  • We are each others champions and mentors who recognize and encourage the successes of others. 

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