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Water Resources Engineering

Milone and MacBroom is recognized throughout the country for our leadership and innovation in the fields of water resource engineering and environmental science.  Through the leadership of James MacBroom the firm has offered expertise in all things water since our founding in 1984.  As consultants to federal, state, and local government, our environmental engineers and scientists marry the principles of engineering, biology, hydrogeology and earth sciences to develop award-winning project designs. 

We have long considered it important to not only understand, but respect the local, state and federal environmental regulations that govern our work.  We understand that a design is only good if it can be permitted and built.  Therefore, embedded within this group is extensive expertise in environmental permitting.  Staff of this group assist project teams throughout the company in developing designs that are environmentally sensitive and consistent with the current regulatory environment.  Specific services include:


  • Watershed Planning
  • Water Supply Planning
  • River Restoration
  • Fluvial Geomorphologic Based Design
  • Dam Stability Analysis and Removal Design
  • Sediment Characterization and Transport Analysis
  • Scour Analysis
  • Fish Passage Design
  • Reservoir Yield Analysis
  • New Supply Source Development
  • Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment
  • Floodplain Management Analysis & Design
  • Regulatory Permitting & Compliance

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