My Construction Inspection Internship with Milone & MacBroom

Aug 05, 2019
Blog Construction Inspection Internship  Mmi Jonathan Scribner m 2019

Written by Jonathan Scribner

My name is Jonathan Scribner and I am a rising sophomore at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, where I am studying civil engineering. From May to August I had the opportunity to intern as a consultant for Milone & Macbroom in Portland, Maine. I worked on three different Maine Department of Transportation road projects in Limington and Waterboro. The majority of my time was spent measuring existing and laying out the desired road slopes before paving and then recording the tonnage and temperatures of the pavement in the trucks during paving. I was also responsible for reports for hourly pay items, cone and sign counts, temporary striping, and keeping track of time and quantities for crews backfilling driveways or cutting butt joints. This internship allowed me to learn how a major construction project operates start to finish and the necessity of solid communication and understanding between different crews.

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