My IT Internship with Milone & MacBroom

Aug 22, 2019
Blog It Internship Mmi Hewitt Coleman M 2019

Written by Hewitt Coleman

Spending the summer as Milone & MacBroom’s IT Intern has been a great learning experience for me. Getting hands-on experience as I prepare to enter such a wide field as IT is very important for my career moving forward. Working with Brian DeConti has been wonderful because he gives me room to figure out the solutions to problems by myself, but he is always willing to help me when I’m unsure. The most important help I get from Brian is experience and knowledge of how to go about solving issues in the most practical way that won’t disrupt other people’s workflows. I’ve also very much enjoyed using what I learned in some of my favorite subjects in school like network scripting and SQL server management to solve real problems, instead of for mock work. In October I’ll be returning to New England Institute of Technology to finish my Bachelor’s degree in Network Engineering and Cybersecurity.

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