My Water Resource Engineering Internship with Milone & MacBroom

Aug 21, 2019
Blog Water Resources Engineering Internship Mmi Christian Boisvert M 2019

Written by Christian Boisvert

The opportunity to work as a Water Resource Engineering Intern this summer at Milone & MacBroom’s Waterbury, Vermont, office has been the most valuable learning experience of my engineering career. I was able to contribute significantly in connection with various river and stormwater projects across Vermont. For instance, I have spent a large portion of the summer on the scenic roads of Stowe, Vermont, completing road erosion inventories as part of Vermont’s Municipal Roads General Permit. The road field work involved mapping all the drainage systems of hydrologically connected road segments (parts of roads that drain to waterbodies) and providing a recommendation for drainage implementations to bring the roads into compliance with the required standard. I have enjoyed playing a large role in the project, becoming familiar with the permit, and assisting with the ultimate goal of protecting the water quality of the State of Vermont. Special thanks to Roy, Jessica, Brian, and Doug for all of your help and training. My experience this summer has definitely solidified my interest in solving water-related engineering problems, and I am always looking forward to the next project. This fall, I am returning to the University of Vermont to finish a Civil and Environmental Engineering Accelerated Master’s Program.

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