Consultant recommends changes to New London traffic pattern

Jun 13, 2017
New London  Ct Mapio Net  Cropped

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New London — A long-awaited study of the city's parking and traffic needs recommends changing the circular traffic flow in downtown New London by making Eugene O’Neill Drive a two-way street and eliminating a lane on Bank Street to make it more bicycle- pedestrian- and parking-friendly.

Bike lanes are also recommended for Governor Winthrop Boulevard, as are a shared trail along Water Street that would allow pedestrians and bicyclists access to Crystal Avenue, and various crosswalk, traffic signal and intersection improvements.

The $105,200 traffic and parking study is part of a larger undertaking that looks at the city's future infrastructure needs in the downtown such as water and sewer lines. It was funded by a state grant.

David Sullivan, manager of traffic engineering at consulting firm Milone and MacBroom, which prepared the study, said the goal was to "take your downtown and look at what's been happening over the years ... and assess and plan for current and future transportation needs."

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