Milone & MacBroom Engineers Are "Digging" Office Parking Lot Upgrades

Aug 13, 2018
Parking Lot Blog Mobile Image

Written by Chris Hulk, PE.

We are really digging the new upgrades to the property here at Milone & MacBroom headquarters in Cheshire, Connecticut. Literally! Earlier this month, we started reconstructing the parking facilities, regrading and resurfacing both the driveway and the main parking lot.

As a civil engineering firm, we know how important it is to have proper drainage. And, let's face it, walking outside after a downpour in ankle-deep puddles of water is no fun. In this current reconstruction, we are taking necessary measures to make the parking lot function the way it should. We are focusing on relocating several drainage structures to adequately convey the flow of surface water and making efforts to regrade the parking lot so that the pavement will pitch the rainwater to those new catch basins.

Sure, the persistent rumbling and vibrations from the ±46,000-pound reclaiming machine and the extended walk to the temporary parking lots are changes to our everyday work environment, but it's a small price to pay for a newly upgraded parking lot that will last for decades to come.  

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