My Civil Engineering Internship at Milone & MacBroom

Sep 13, 2018
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By Jack Levine

My experience as a Civil Engineering Intern at Milone & MacBroom’s Cheshire, Connecticut, office has been one to remember. In the beginning, I was unsure which discipline would be the best fit for me as I progress into my senior year at the University of New Hampshire. Working with the Site Design team has given me valuable knowledge about various aspects of a project and how it comes together. The most interesting thing I was involved in this summer was determining watershed area based on topographic information for the Covenant Village Town Center project. Understanding how changing amounts of impervious coverage alter the amount of stormwater runoff was vital to the calculations used in determining the volume of the runoff. Using NRCS mapping and the TR55 manual, we were able to find the amount of runoff that would be generated by the change in impervious coverage of the proposed project. Excess runoff from the proposed impervious coverage means detention measures would be used in order to prevent downstream flooding. This project is just one example of how my internship at MMI was a terrific learning experience.