My Planning Internship with Milone & MacBroom

Aug 22, 2018
Desktop Bryce M

Written by Bryce Mase

This fall I’ll be returning to Eastern Connecticut State University to complete my dual baccalaureate degree in Environmental Earth Science and Mathematics. While preparing to do so, I’ve spent the summer interning in the Planning department at Milone & MacBroom (MMI). When I was searching for an internship, I knew MMI was where I wanted to be. I was looking for a company that made a recognizable impact on its community the same way I wish to do as an individual. Another aspect I was searching for was hands-on experience, getting involved in projects in such a way that I was a valued team member legitimately contributing to a larger product/outcome. My experience here was nothing short of those expectations and was exactly what I was looking for. My favorite part of the internship was the level of involvement I had with these projects. The majority of my work consisted of aggregating data and analyzing problems spatially through the production of maps. As a part of the planning department, I mainly worked on various town conservation and development plans, but I also had the opportunity to produce maps for other projects in order to assist different departments. The skills and real-world knowledge gained from this internship are those which cannot be learned in the classroom. Getting such exposure to the professional side of my work was an extremely valuable experience. 

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