National landscape architecture group tours Meriden Green

Aug 08, 2018

Building the political will and securing the funding to complete a project like the Meriden Green is a monumental undertaking, members of the American Society of Landscape Architects said Wednesday.

“The fascination with this and the complexity is a minor miracle,” said Thomas Graceffa, owner of Thomas Graceffa Landscape Architects in Rockford, Illinois. “It’s difficult to get these types of projects going. Between the politics and the funding, you have to be persistent and know what you’re doing.”

About 60 people attended a presentation and tour of the Meriden Green on Wednesday that detailed the city’s journey to solve its flooding problem while revitalizing its downtown. Guests saw pictures of downtown submerged in 3 to 4 feet of water and emergency personnel surveying the damage in boats.

The Meriden Green project has received several national engineering and architectural awards. On Wednesday, the landscape architects asked questions about the scope of the project and how the city found ways to fund it. 

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