Borough begins reconstruction of Cross Street

Apr 24, 2019
News Cross Street Reconstruction M 2019

NAUGATUCK – After years of planning, the Cross Street reconstruction project is underway.

Crews started work on the project on April 1, Public Works Director James Stewart said.

The first part of the project is realigning the Cross Street and Cotton Hollow Road intersection. The two roads intersect at an angle now. According to the plans, the two roads will be realigned so they meet at a T-intersection.

The project will also include full-depth reconstruction of the 4,150 feet of Cross Street from Route 8 to New Haven Road, horizontal and vertical realignments, and widening the street to a uniform 30 feet, as well as a new storm drainage system, curbing, retaining walls, sidewalks and guiderails.

“The road is getting widened and improved,” Stewart said.

The state bought two residential properties at 16 Cotton Hollow Road and 10 Cotton Hollow Road, and demolished the houses to straighten the road and the intersection. The demolition work was completed earlier this year. The project also required the state to acquire small portions of a dozen properties along Cross Street.

Stewart said the work will continue this year as long as weather allows and resume in the spring of 2020. The project is expected to be completed by July 2020, he said.

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