School enrollment to spike as families flock to South Windsor

Jun 05, 2019
Press M South Windsor Enrollment 2019

SOUTH WINDSOR — The school system’s projected spike in enrollment combined with dwindling available housing stock have some town officials worried that South Windsor can’t handle more growth.

But School Superintendent Kathleen Carter said she’s planning ahead and that growth “is a good problem to have.”

Outdated enrollment projections showed a gradual decline in student enrollment from 4,179 students in 2013 to 3,485 in 2022. Updated data in 2018 revealed opposite trends, however — enrollment growing steadily from 4,114 students in 2015 to over 4,700 expected in 2022 — another 1,215 students more than previously expected in that final year.

In the elementary schools, officials said, that’s an additional 396 students over the next eight years than formerly anticipated.

Families are flocking to South Windsor for the quality of its schools, Carter said, but that rate of increasing enrollment “is not without it’s challenges.”

In an April presentation to the Planning and Zoning Commission, Carter and demographers with Milone & MacBroom Inc. shared what is driving the new enrollment numbers, the impact on housing sales, and how the school system can prepare.

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