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Redevelopment & Revitalization

Renewal and regeneration of neighborhoods, downtowns, and communities requires working closely with community leaders to channel a wealth of accumulated knowledge and experience into collective action toward a common vision. Our planners and designers are experienced articulating logical strategies to help usher in new development. Some specialties that make up redevelopment and revitalization include:

Master planning
Market analysis
Public engagement
Site design
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Transit Oriented Development

Our combination of planners and design professionals have developed station area TOD master plans for municipalities that identify development opportunities and the infrastructure improvements necessary to achieve development potential, recommend land use regulations, and address the financial and fiscal implications of TOD. We have designed mixed-use TOD project sites based on principles of creating walkable, bikable, compact and dense development areas that are integrated with transit.

Transportation planning
Complete street development
Urban design & development
Action & implementation strategies
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Master Planning

Whether from a regional, municipal, or site context, our multidisciplinary team examines the historical, environmental, cultural, economic and physical conditions of a location to identify opportunities and constraints, develop concepts and recommend options that align with stakeholder goals. Through the public engagement process, concepts are refined into a feasible Master Plan reflective of a community’s vision.

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Comprehensive Planning

Our planners understand their roles in community planning processes is to provide information and technical advice to help guide the process and to advance meaningful community participation, not to control the direction a plan may take. While always technically sound and compliant with applicable regulations, our comprehensive plans are as diverse as the communities in which we work. 

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Complete Streets

As a Bronze Partner of the National Complete Streets Coalition, our experts are adept at developing solutions that provide the public with multimodal transportation alternatives designed to promote healthy lifestyles while reducing carbon emissions. Designed with all users in mind, our projects have the ability to transform an area and promote public health, community, and alternates modes of transportation. 

Pedestrian bridges
Traffic calming & streetscape enhancements
Safe Routes to Schools program implementation
State-of-the-art crossing devices
Transit oriented development & modal connectivity
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Parks, Public Spaces & Greenways

We have been involved in the planning and design of more than 75 public parks (ranging in size from ¼ acre to over 100 acres) and over 100 miles of bikeway and multi-use trail projects throughout the East Coast. We believe that public spaces define the shape and feel of a city and its neighborhoods and function as a conscious tool for revitalization and economic development.

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