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Floodplain Management & Planning

Protecting our communities

Our approach is to foster resilience

Our efforts assist communities, utilities, and other clients in making informed decisions based upon sound floodplain management principles. We embrace the “no adverse impact” philosophy of floodplain management but understand that floodplain development must be resilient when necessary. Buildings, roads, utilities, and community infrastructure must be “flood ready” and able to withstand and quickly recover from flood events.

Our areas of expertise

Floodplain management services include planning and design for local and state governments and non-government organizations, industries, and developers, as well as post-disaster inspection and emergency repair design. We strive to incorporate resiliency into all of our projects.

Hydrologic analysis
Hydraulic analysis
Climate change considerations
Flood mitigation planning
Flood mitigation design
Flood control design
Elevation Certificates (ECs)
Letters of Map Change (LOMC)
Benefit Cost Analysis (BCA)
Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA)
Base Flood Elevation (BFE)
Community Rating System (CRS) Entry & Assistance
Coastal resilience
Resilient utility design
Resilient roadway design
Stormwater management
Floodplain ecological assessment & restoration
Post-disaster assistance
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