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Water Supply

Planning for sustainable systems

We know water supply

We study, analyze, and design water supply systems from many different perspectives. Our team prepares individual and regional water supply plans, undertakes water conservation and emergency contingency planning; conducts comprehensive groundwater and surface water safe yield analyses; provides treatment and distribution system analysis and design; and successfully procures regulatory permits and approvals from local, state and federal agencies. 

Our areas of expertise

Regional leaders in planning, analysis, and design of surface water and groundwater sources and systems. We provide services for:

Bathymetric surveys
Aquifer pumping tests
Pump station design
Water main design & rehabilitation
Environmental impact evaluation
Water supply planning
Hydrogeologic studies
Safe yield analysis
Water storage assessment & design
Environmental studies
Dam inspections
Water conservation planning
Streamflow assessment
Reservoir yield analysis
Water treatment process design
Regulatory permitting
Reservoir dredging analysis & design
Emergency contingency planning
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