Utility Engineering

Delivering efficient & reliable services
to our clients & our communities

Providing continual service by combining our skills

We continually serve our clients in the electric generation, electric transmission, natural gas transmission, and communication industries by efficiently combining our skills in the fields of survey, civil engineering, water supply engineering, infrastructure design, and environmental science.

Distribution network planning & design
Routing analysis
Communication industry design support
Transmission & distribution design & planning
Utility main layout & permitting
Local, state & federal regulatory approvals
Siting approvals
Power industry design support

A changing world requires changing philosophies

With continuing changes to the world’s climate and energy needs, clean air and preservation of natural resources remain crucial to any utility development project. We understand that future projects require the integration of low-carbon, clean technologies and fossil fuel alternatives. By focusing on sustainable designs through the use of renewable resources, our commitment to the environment will serve to protect present and future generations.

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