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Site Assessment & Remediation

Solutions to environmental problems

Experienced at identifying & navigating the complexities of environmental issues

Our qualified and certified staff is fully equipped to complete all phases of Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) and Site Investigations (SI). We are experienced at identifying and navigating the complexities of environmental issues that oftentimes can plague a project. Our specialists pride themselves in being able to efficiently diagnose the issues at hand and plan for project success.

Licensed Environmental Professional (LEP) services
Remediation design & implementation
Environmental Land Use Restrictions
Groundwater monitoring
Solid waste planning & design
Stormwater permitting
Phase I Environmental Site Investigations
Brownfield redevelopment & revitalization
Regulatory compliance & monitoring
Contaminant fate & transport
Sediment sampling & characterization
Wastewater discharge permitting
Phase II & III Site Investigations
Property Transfer Act assessments
Underground storage tank removal
Contaminated / Controlled material handling plans
Facility decommissioning

Environmental Site Assessment

Whether you are a small business owner or a larger developer specializing in brownfield revitalization and redevelopment, we have the expertise and experience to lead you through the environmental site assessment and characterization process.

We believe that our ability to merge our technical & regulatory knowledge with our practical experience sets us apart from other consultants. This is particularly true for time-sensitive due diligence investigations where it is often impossible or impractical to conduct assessments lasting many weeks or even months. We focus upon the collection of critical information and use or experience and knowledge to provide our clients with high-level guidance and advice.

Site remediation

When it comes time for your site to shed the stigma of site contamination and return to productive use or to simply realize the full market value of your property, we stand ready to assist. Knowing the nuances of the various legal requirements allows us to lead our clients to the logical and timely end point of site environmental activities, thereby helping to spare them from seemingly endless expenditures of time and money. Our licensed environmental professionals, environmental scientists and professional engineers will guide you through the myriad of state and federal regulations and will design and implement site remediation measures that carefully balance the needs of the project while still ensuring the long-term protection of the environment.

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