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Industrial Permitting

Facing the challenges of today's discharge compliance & monitoring

Working together to develop the best approach

Simply put, our professionals understand all aspects of the complex regulations that require permitting of what goes into and down the pipe and eventually out of the pipe. We start with a strong knowledge of the processes that generate wastewater, the nature of the discharge, and the impacts associated with those discharges. We work with our clients and the regulators, together, to develop the best approach for each specific project and discharge type.

Emergency / temporary discharge authorization
Subsurface sewage treatment and disposal
Hydrostatic testing wastewater permits
Vehicle maintenance wastewater permits
Landfill disruption
NPDES permitting
Water treatment wastewater permits
Non-contact cooling wastewater permits
Comprehensive general permit for discharges to surface / groundwater
Contaminated soil & sediment management (staging & transfer)
Pre-treatment (SPDES) wastewater discharges
Groundwater remediation wastewater permits
MS4, commercial & industrial stormwater discharge registrations
Municipal transfer station

Regulatory knowledge

Having a strong knowledge of various industrial processes allows us to evaluate the characteristics of wastewater discharges and to prepare thorough and comprehensive discharge permit application packages. Additionally, we have served as an advocate of the regulated community by actively participating in the development and drafting of new/improved permit language that will help industry understand their obligations under the various complex permits.

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