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Land Surveying

Producing accountable data that ensures the success of future land development

Land surveying is the basis of all great design

The importance of accountable data is what drives our survey staff to deliver a quality product on every job. We realize the importance of having quality base mapping at the beginning of the design process. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, including robotic total stations, static, RTN and RTK Global Positioning Systems (GPS) units, our surveyors are able to supply fast, accurate, and reliable survey data and mapping to in-house departments, private clients, and municipal and governmental agencies. We are well versed in all aspects of surveying and mapping and the production of deliverables in various formats including AutoCAD, MicroStation and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Our land surveying services include:


We conduct legal research, both deed and map, and analyze the data compared to field survey results in order to compute property surveys. We provide these services for industrial, residential, commercial and governmental clients.


We conduct ground topographic surveys and provide GPS control networks for aerial photogrammetric topographic surveys. These types of surveys are utilized as a basis of design projects, both large and small.


We are uniquely experienced in conducting high-quality bathymetric surveys for shorelines, reservoirs and ponds, as well as streams and rivers. Many of these projects are in conjunction with restoration, remediation and flood control projects.

Construction Services

We perform computations for the stakeout of roadways, utilities, parking areas, sidewalks and building locations. Post-construction "as-built" plans are prepared in accordance with local regulatory agencies.

Subdivision Layout

We undertake boundary surveys and base maps, along with calculations and mapping for newly created land divisions, whether a simple lot split or multi-lot subdivisions.

Commercial / Industrial Site Development

We prepare ALTA / NSPS Land Title Surveys and review title commitment policies. Information from these detailed surveys are relied upon by lenders, title insurance companies, investors, as well as our clients.

Transportation / Traffic

We perform land record research and field surveys to determine street and right-of-way lines along with topographic and location surveys to prepare existing condition base maps. The base mapping is then used by in-house engineers for roadway, bridge, and traffic control projects.

Flood Control / Stream Restoration

We perform ground control for aerial surveys, along with designer-selected channel cross sections and detailed bridge surveys for flood control and stream restoration projects.
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