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Planning is not a linear, rigid process but rather evolves during the planning period

Planning is the framework from which present and future challenges are addressed in a thoughtful, stakeholder-driven process, and the complexity of these challenges requires a range of professional training and experience. Each assignment is guided by senior planning staff that has direct access to the resources of our entire organization. We understand that planning is not a linear, rigid process but rather evolves with input from the community and stakeholders along with careful analysis of data. As “what-ifs” and “whys” emerge, our staff provides creative solutions based on sound analysis using GIS, mapping, public outreach, and traditional and new media approaches. Our team members pride themselves on their ability to work effectively with public and private sector stakeholders, as well as the general public, to achieve the desired outcome for every project on which they work.

Our planning services include:

Community & Land Use Planning

Working closely with the community’s leadership, we carefully listen to the aspirations of the community, facilitate and articulate a clear community-driven vision, and develop realistic strategies that are tailored to the individual needs.
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Redevelopment & Economic Development

We combine the expertise of its planners, designers, and environmental specialists to develop the plan and strategy for public and private improvements and investments in communities
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School Enrollment Projections & Redistricting

Whether it’s projecting enrollments accurately, redistricting, consolidating a school, or crafting a long-range facilities plan, we provide the data and analysis districts need to plan for their futures.
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Transportation Planning

Developing comprehensive and sustainable transportation policies and plans which positively impact the environment and shape the futures of communities.
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Hazard Mitigation

An important vehicle for communities to prioritize actions to reduce damage from natural hazards and maintain eligibility for FEMA mitigation funds.
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Coastal Resilience

Our work helps communities plan for sea-level rise and coastal hazards and helps communities develop strategies to protect property and infrastructure while providing for public safety.
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