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Hazard Mitigation Planning

Prioritizing actions to reduce damage

We've worked with over 100 municipalities

Hazard mitigation planning is an important vehicle for communities to prioritize actions that will reduce damages from natural hazards while maintaining eligibility for FEMA mitigation funding. We provide hazard mitigation planning and grant application services for any eligible plan holder, from councils of governments to municipalities. We have worked with over 100 municipalities to develop single and multi-jurisdiction hazard mitigation plans and have assisted in obtaining more than $3 million in mitigation grants for implementation. Our staff are experts and trainers in the use of the FEMA benefit-cost analysis tool (BCA).

Vulnerability assessment
Public outreach & engagement
Hazard mitigation plan updates
Hazard mitigation project design
Coastal resilience planning
Risk assessment
Mitigation action development & design
Hazard mitigation grant applications
State hazard mitigation planning support
Hazard mitigation plan development
FEMA benefit-cost analysis (BCA)
FEMA community rating system (CRS) applications & support

Proven strategies = results

The firm’s hazard mitigation plans routinely include sea-level rise and coastal adaptation and resilience concepts and strategies, rather than simply focusing on standard flood mitigation techniques. Some of the strategies explored in the hazard mitigation plans include soft and hard shoreline protections, elevating homes, raising coastal roads, adopting freeboard in the flood damage prevention regulations, and acquisitions of coastal properties.

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