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School Enrollment Projections & Redistricting Planning

Making confident decisions
using a data-driven process

Providing the data school districts need

Shifting demographics, evolving educational program standards, and tight budgets require school districts to operate efficiently. By understanding historical trends and projections in demographics, housing, and school enrollments, boards of education, school administrations and communities can make informed decisions for managing their schools and student bodies. Whether it’s projecting enrollments accurately, redistricting, or consolidating a school, we provide the data and analysis school districts need to plan their futures.

Enrollment projections
Student generation studies
Public involvement planning & community outreach
School redistricting & reconfiguration
Long-range facility planning
GIS data analysis
Facility utilization
Population & growth forecasting

Exceeding educational objectives

Having assisted large and small school systems, we are very familiar with the complexities and challenges that face them. We are adept at developing long-range plans to address infrastructure, educational objectives, enrollment shifts, overcrowding, and facility utilization.

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