Environment / Community / Cold Spring, New York

Dockside Park Living Shoreline Design

Client: New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission
Work_Dockside Park Living Shoreline Design_2017

Hudson River Shoreline Sustainability

Adjusting to Sea Level Rise

We were a significant partner in designing a sustainable shoreline demonstration project along the Hudson River in Cold Spring, New York for the New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission. The purpose of the project was to design a stabilized, sustainable Hudson River shoreline at Dockside Park. The goal of the project was to develop plans for engineering and enhancing the existing shoreline to provide ecological, recreational, and floodplain functions with design elements that allow for continued functionality as sea level rises while accommodating increased frequency and intensity of wave action, velocity, and inundation. The design incorporated the use of multiple green shoreline stabilization techniques including a combination of biotechnical and bioengineering elements.

Our services included:

Community outreach & engagement
Development of resilience design criteria
Submerged aquatic vegetation
Alternatives analysis
Review of sea level rise projections
Conceptual designs
Preliminary design
Wetland delineation
Invasive species