Water Supply / Middletown, Connecticut

Kleen Energy Power Plant Water Supply System

Client: Kleen Energy Systems
Provided Services:
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Designing a 5.8 MGD water supply system for a 620 MW power plant

What we faced

We provided permitting, engineering design, and construction administration services for the water supply infrastructure to serve a 620 megawatt, gas fired power plant located on 137 acres in Middletown, Connecticut. Water would need to be conveyed a distance of over 1 mile and 500 vertical feet above the source and required treatment to meet strict water quality standards for the power facility. The project was designed for a peak daily flow rate of 5.8 mgd. The water withdrawal system was also designed to provide supplemental supply for potential municipal potable supply in addition to the power generation facility.

Project details

The water supply system provides a peak flow of 5.8 MGD. The project included design, specifications, and construction oversight for the following infrastructure elements:

Dual horizontal “Ranney” collector wells and associated pump stations, each utilizing three 300 HP vertical turbine pumps
Industrial water treatment plant for iron and manganese removal, and disinfection
Three water storage facilities, providing a total of 5.5 million gallons of storage
SCADA system integration
Midpoint water booster station containing three 150 HP horizontal split case pumps
Power plant supply pump station containing three 75 HP horizontal split case pumps
6,800 linear feet of 20 inch and 24 inch water main with surge relief valves

Award winning design

The project was awarded the 2011 Achievement in Civil Engineering (ACE) for Water Resources / Environmental Engineering by the Connecticut Society of Civil Engineers.