Waterbury, CT

Proposed Automobile Dealership

Client: Hoffman Enterprises
Provided Services:
Bmw Masthead Mobile

Subsurface exploration at the site of a proposed automobile dealership

Our role

Milone & MacBroom prepared and performed a subsurface exploration program at the site of a proposed automobile dealership in Waterbury, CT. The program consisted of 9 borings to discern the geotechnical implications of site conditions. Additionally, 16 test pits were conducted throughout the project site for purposes of evaluating the onsite fill materials for supporting the proposed building and site retaining walls.

The challenge

Challenges at this site included uncontrolled fill up to 17 feet thick with minor voids and debris that may result in unacceptable post-construction settlements.

Our recommendations

We provided design and construction recommendations for the proposed building, site retaining walls, and pavements. Geotechnical recommendations included improving the existing granular and boulder fill prior to constructing the proposed building and site retaining walls using either Deep Dynamic Compaction or Rapid Impact Compaction Methods. We also recommended gravity, soil nail, and soldier pile walls within the cut and fill areas of the project.